People have used breath to create music for as long as they have been around! Recorders are an excellent instrument for us to make music with, and we can practice multiple transferable skills as we play. We will practice breath control, finger dexterity, and even music reading!

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Getting Started


  • Index/pointer: 1

  • Middle: 2

  • Ring: 3

  • Pinky: 4


  • If you hold your hands out in front of you, the left hand makes an "L" shape with the index finger and thumb

  • Left hand on top, up until finger 3

  • Right hand for balancing the recorder and covering holes 4-7


  • Control your breath: quiet, warm

  • Hold the recorder properly (left on top)

  • Cover the holes completely with your fingers (flat fingers)

  • Review notes B, A, and G

  • Practice the "B.A.G. Medley"

  • Looking ahead: practice "Jazzing Around" and "The Alien Jam"