Getting Started

Welcome to music-making in the new school year! My name is Mr. Quigley, but I also welcome you to call me Mr. Q, Mr. Nicholas, Mr. Nico, or simply Quigley, Nicholas, or Nico.

I use "they/he" pronouns, and if you are comfortable with sharing, I would love to know your pronouns so I can more fully honor your personhood. Although to be honest, I teach 533 students and might need a reminder sometimes! Please correct me if I incorrectly use pronouns or names. :)


Here are the lyrics for our welcome song, which will begin all of our classes:

Hola, ¿cómo estás?

Hola, ¿cómo estás?

I said “hola”



Class expectations

  • Honor yourself and your community:

    • Your friends, teachers, fellow students, and equipment

    • Treat yourself and others with kindness, grace, and respect

  • Try your best to reserve judgment of yourself and others.

  • Try your best to appreciate and accept your musicality and "who you are." Knowing where we are can help us set goals for learning, growth, or otherwise be expressive and creative in class.

  • Listening/focusing looks and sounds like:

    • Voices quiet

    • Eyes watching

    • Ears listening

    • Bodies calm

    • Hands up to talk

  • "Pause/quiet" signal: one hand up

  • Leaving the classroom: one at a time (unless there is an emergency)

Rewards & consequences

  • Rewards

    • School-wide initiatives: ClassDojo points and Spirit Sticks

    • Family communication: "I did a great job!" notes sent home

  • Consequences

    • Natural consequences: loss of equipment, or taking a break from class to reflect and plan ahead

    • For more serious matters, expect a letter to be sent home for a signature, and a follow-up phone call if needed

What are we going to learn?

I believe these things are challenging, but worthwhile because they are helpful for living a full and happy life. You can do it! I’ll never give up on you, and I encourage expressive and creative risks.

  • Creative music technology

  • Expressive performance

  • Eco-conscious musicking

  • Music, sound, and healing

  • Intermodal creativity

"Goodbye, everybody"

Here are the lyrics for our closing song, which will end all of our classes:

Goodbye, everybody

Thank you for playing along now

Goodbye, everybody

Thank you for singing along!