Welcoming Drum Circle


As we begin our new school year, it is important to build community and welcome each other into our lives. In this drum circle we will learn each other's names and express something about our personality.

Example Sequence

  1. Arrange into a circle.

  2. Disseminate drums.

  3. Say "hello, drum" and get to know the different sounds you can make with your drum.

  4. Practice saying and playing "wel-come" all together.

  5. As we go around the circle, each person will tell us their name.

  6. All respond by saying and playing "wel-come, (name)!" in rhythm.

  7. Once everyone has been introduced, test the knowledge gained by going around the circle again without introductions: "wel-come (name 1), wel-come (name 2)...."

  8. Take it one step further by switching circle spots, and trying the continuous circle again!

  9. How can you tell us something about yourself by drumming? Take a moment to explore making a "solo."

  10. Go around the circle again with everyone saying and playing "wel-come (name)," followed by (name)'s drum solo, and continue around the circle for everyone.

  11. Optional extensions: keep the drum circle going to learn more by adding in favorite colors, foods, ice cream flavors, songs, artists, movies, TV shows, books, sports, or anything else, then say and play "(name) likes _______."

  12. At the end: "wel-come, everyone!" Followed by a collective drum-out.

  13. Thank your drum, thank each other, and pack up.

National Core Arts Standards

MU:Cr1.1.5a: Improvise rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic ideas, and explain the connection to specific purpose and context (such as social, cultural, and historical).

MU:Cn10.0.5a: Demonstrate how interests, knowledge, and skills relate to personal choices and intent when creating, performing, and responding.

CASEL Core Competencies

Self-awareness, social awareness