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This site has four purposes:

  1. To guide the flow of lessons

  2. To share resources and materials with students

  3. To share what's happening in class with parents and families

  4. To share resources and ideas with educators


I try to make "teaching" an inaccurate title to describe my professional work with children. As an elementary music educator, I aim to facilitate and empower student-centered and student-directed music/expressive arts making. I often teach in nature's classroom, leaning on the environment as a co-teacher. This helps overcome the issues inherent to teaching a la carte (without a dedicated music classroom in the schools I serve). When we do make music indoors, we primarily work with classroom instruments and browser-based music technologies.

In the spirit of co-teaching, I also rely on Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication and Lerman's Critical Response Process to foster a humane classroom environment while scaffolding students' abilities to voice their thoughts in cooperative creativity. In the menu above are two pages I've created for my students to focus creative music periods and organize an ongoing project-based learning initiative creatively sounding bird populations in the present, along with their projected changes by 2050. I will share updates as the school year unfolds!


Two third-grade students at Donovan elementary school note the sounds they hear in the Blue Hills Reservation, categorizing them as biophonic (sounds from living creatures) or geophonic (sounds from the Earth and Earth's systems).

Therapeutic Musicking

Three Summer Discovery Zone students explore sounds on a vintage classroom keyboard. Rather than focusing on refining compositions or playing correct notes, they are exploring, expressing, and collaboratively creating.

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